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Migration Island is an independent organization, based in South-Eastern Sicily, working in the field of migration and asylum. Its activities focus particularly on the role of Mediterranean islands in the current migratory flows from the Middle East and North Africa towards Europe.

The organization contributes to the current political and academic debate on migration through research projects,  media initiatives and capacity building/training activities aiming to offer support to migrants, volunteers and professionals working in this sector.  

Exploring the concept of island also from a metaphorical point of view, MI’s projects include work on the integration of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the social fabric of the hosting countries, with specific focus on social cohesion, ‘anti-discrimination’ campaign and the inclusion of particularly vulnerable groups such as women and unaccompanied minors.

MI is currently looking for suitable international partners to explore the possibly of working together on ‘voluntary repatriation’. Considering the serious political and economic difficulties faced by many countries of origin at the moment, this area poses the biggest challenge for MI, so if you are an association or organization interested in developing projects to support ‘voluntary repatriation’ please get in touch.

Migration Island started as the blog of Dr. Katia Amore in 2005 and then turned into an organization in 2016 thanks to hard work and experience of all the members of the current board and the many volunteers who have been working for years on the front line in south-eastern Sicily.