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The organization is a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group with charitable purposes, which pursues social progress for its members as well as third parties, based on principles of democracy and equality.

The activities are:

  • activities to contribute to the civic participation of migrants as ‘citizens’ and to the definition of new ‘citizens’ rights’, including ‘cultural mediation’ services;
  • training courses, conferences, seminars and activities generally aimed at promoting social integration processes for  immigrants, refugees and displaced persons, families and women;
  • activities to support migrants’ labour market integration, with particular attention to women and vulnerable groups, even in reference to issues such as safety at work;
  • research activities related to migration and asylum; 
  • the creation of a research observatory on migration to Sicily and other Mediterranean islands;
  • media related activities, including work through web sites, social networks and the press, to raise public awareness on issues related to migration aimed at the general public, social workers, schools, mass media and cultural centres.
  • vocational training and educational activities in general, including training on migration issues;
  • consultancy activities in the field of migration and asylum;
  •  short- and medium-term programs and initiatives in line with the statutory purposes;
  • advocacy activities on the protection of the environment, with special focus on landscape and on the artistic, architectural, historical and cultural heritage;
  • activities, campaigns and actives related to critical consumption and consumers’ behavior with ethical objectives.