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Katia Amore, PhD

As an expert in migration related issues, Dr. Katia Amore has worked for over twenty years within the NGO sector and academia on projects related to immigration, asylum, community cohesion, ethnic relations, focusing mostly on the Euro-Mediterranean area.

She obtained a master’s degree in Ethnic Studies from the University of Warwick with a critical critical appraisal of policies and theories towards repatriation and a PhD with a thesis entitled: “The refugees and the return home: a comparative study of the case of the Kosovar Albanians in Italy and Great Britain.”

Currently, she is interested in studying migration within the framework of Island Studies with a focus on the role played by the Mediterranean islands in current migration flows towards Europe. She currently lives and works in Sicily. 

Natalia Carpanzano

Expert in Environmental Science and Disaster Management, Natalia works on various European projects in the field of social solidarity and innovation.  For more than a decade, she has run projects related to the protection of our ecosystem and to health& safety in the work environment. She is collaborating with various NGOs and voluntary associations,  and is the current president of Legambiente Sikelion.

She is particularly interested in studying the link between socio-economic-environmental issues and the current migration flows in the Mediterranean as well as health & safety for migrant workers.

She currently lives between Malta and Pozzallo, two locations which face the challenges posed by current migratory movements in the Mediterranenean on a daily basis. 


Ronal Ashri, PhD

Ronald is the founder of roomify.us – a company that builds open-source platforms for the sharing economy. Most recently Roomify tools have been used to create a new stand-alone platform for the Homes for Syrians project.

Ronald holds a PhD in Computer Science and after a short period of academic work he has founded a web application consultancy working with open source technologies on issues such as Open Data and the Semantic Web.

Franca Franzò

Very active within the social sector, Franca has collaborated with different NGOs and voluntary associations. Expert in the care sector, she supports activities in the field of international cooperation and the integration of migrants. Very attentive to the current international situation in the Middle East, she organizes fundraising events and fundraising campaigns for activities related to human rights advocacy.

Claudia La Ciura

Claudia works in the field of environmental education, sustainable energy and recycling. For several years she has been working with local voluntary groups on social and environmental issues. She has gained lots of experience with children thanks to her work as coordinator of various projects and educational activities in the field of environmental education in both primary and secondary schools.  

The experience in Italian schools has brought to her attention the many problems related to the integration of foreign children and second-generation immigrants, with a special interest in education to multiculturalism.

She also manages the materials recycling and reuse workshops and an eco-info point on renewable energy.